The Verillog® Hardware Description Language

von: Donald E. Thomas, Philip R. Moorby

Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002

ISBN: 9780306476662 , 394 Seiten

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Format: PDF, OL

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The Verillog® Hardware Description Language


This text presents the IEEE 1364-2001 standard of the Verilog language. The examples in this edition have been updated to illustrate the features of the language. A cross referenced guide to these features is provided, thus, designers already familiar with Verilog can quickly learn the features. Newcomers to the language can use it as a guide for reading "old" specifications. The book should prove to be a useful resource for engineers and students interested in describing, simulating and synthesizing digital systems. It is also ready for use in university courses, having been used for introductory logic design and simulation through advanced VLSI design courses. An appendix with tutorial help and a work-along style is keyed into the introduction for new students. Material supporting a computer-aided design course on the inner working of simulators is also included.