Die Horn- und Lebermoose Österreichs - (Anthocerotophyta und Marchantiophyta) Catalogus Florae Austriae, II. Teil, Heft 2

von: Heribert Köckinger, Peter Schönswetter, Christian Sturmbauer, Tod Stuessy, Hans Winkler

Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften Verlag, 2017

ISBN: 9783700181651 , 382 Seiten

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Die Horn- und Lebermoose Österreichs - (Anthocerotophyta und Marchantiophyta) Catalogus Florae Austriae, II. Teil, Heft 2


The present catalogue of hornworts (Anthocerotophyta) and liverworts (Marchantiophyta) is the first synopsis for these two plant kingdom phyla in Austria. As in other volumes of the Catalogus Florae Austriae, there are no keys and no descriptions of genera and species. On the other hand, ecology, phytosociology and distribution of all taxa are treated in detail. In the general part of this catalogue a historical survey and our present state of knowledge of horn- and liverworts in the federal states of the country are presented. A short 'hepaticogeography' of Austria highlights the hepaticofloristic characteristics of its climatologically and geomorphologically very different landscapes. In the special part, all species, four hornworts and 260 liverworts, and a series of infraspecific taxa are presented in a uniform conception. Principally, nomenclature and systematics follow the new 'World Checklist of Hornworts and Liverworts', apart from a few, reasoned exceptions. The sequence of families is systematical, that of genera alphabetical. Particular attention is given to species distribution, using data obtained from the extensive literature and the collections in public herbaria. In addition, an enormous number of unpublished records were included and many specimens critically revised. Detailed information on ecology and phytosociology rest primarily upon observations in Austria. The general decline of species diversity also affects Austria and its horn- and liverworts. Thus, the growing threats to species and their habitats are evaluated. Optional notes concern taxonomy and other topics. About 140 colour photos illustrate the treatments of selected species of horn- and liverworts.