80 let odinochestva

von: Igor Kon

Vremya, 2010

ISBN: 9785969109742 , 456 Seiten

Format: ePUB

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80 let odinochestva


Igor Kon worked all his life at the intersection of different social and human sciences: sociology, history, anthropology, psychology and sexology. His name is closely related to birth in Russia disciplines such as sociology, history, sociology, personality, psychology of adolescence, childhood ethnography, sexology. Some of his books were breaking conventional ideas and become bestsellers. Free, entertaining, sometimes very self-critical Kon talks about himself and his time: as shaped his research interests, which encouraged him to move from one set of problems and disciplines to others as a free choice, and this was his personal interests overlap with the problems of society. It is the author's contemporaries can awaken his memories, and will help young people better understand our recent past that might not such a past ...