Parallel Processing from Applications to Systems

Parallel Processing from Applications to Systems

von: Dan I. Moldovan

Elsevier Reference Monographs, 2014

ISBN: 9781483297514 , 567 Seiten

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Parallel Processing from Applications to Systems


This text provides one of the broadest presentations of parallel processing available, including the structure of parallel processors and parallel algorithms. The emphasis is on mapping algorithms to highly parallel computers, with extensive coverage of array and multiprocessor architectures. Early chapters provide insightful coverage on the analysis of parallel algorithms and program transformations, effectively integrating a variety of material previously scattered throughout the literature. Theory and practice are well balanced across diverse topics in this concise presentation. For exceptional clarity and comprehension, the author presents complex material in geometric graphs as well as algebraic notation. Each chapter includes well-chosen examples, tables summarizing related key concepts and definitions, and a broad range of worked exercises.
  • Overview of common hardware and theoretical models, including algorithm characteristics and impediments to fast performance
  • Analysis of data dependencies and inherent parallelism through program examples, building from simple to complex
  • Graphic and explanatory coverage of program transformations
  • Easy-to-follow presentation of parallel processor structures and interconnection networks, including parallelizing and restructuring compilers
  • Parallel synchronization methods and types of parallel operating systems
  • Detailed descriptions of hypercube systems
  • Specialized chapters on dataflow and on AI architectures